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DeepRock Drill Rig

DeepRock Manufacturing Company 

Manufacturers of quality drilling rigs since 1962

6/4/2013 The Deeprock ® M-50 Stealth Prepper

Limited Time only!
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2/13/2012 Model M50

It's our "Affordable Portable" and you can see it in action. Don't miss the tips and tricks on mixing driller's mud.
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The DR150 is a drilling rig that employs as much torque and pullback capacity as many larger rigs and can be outfitted with a variety of mud and air systems. It is available in skid, tandem trailer, track, and truck mount versions with deck engine power.

The DR150 featured in this video is outfitted with DeepRock's exclusive OTTO automated drill rod handling system and a swing jib.    ...READ MORE (1 photo) »


DeepRock rigs are in use in over 114 countries around the world

A DeepRock Drilling Rig Suitable for Commercial Well Drilling   A DR-150 Geo-thermal drilling rig  
  Commercial Well Drilling
    DeepRock manufactures a full line of compact, powerful well drilling rigs. 

    Rated for air or mud rotary drilling, our rigs are available with gas or diesel power and in truck, unitized single axle trailer, track or skid mount configurations.



Geo-Thermal Drilling

    Geo-thermal drilling is one of the fastest growing segments of the market. 

    Our DR120 and DR150 rigs are ideally suited for geo-thermal applications and come with a wide variety of accessory choices to help with the most demanding jobs.

      Track-Mounted Rigs

    Track-Mounted Rigs have always been popular for their unique access capabilities and maneuverability in difficult terrains. 

    DeepRock produces several track mounted units including the remote-controlled track unit -
    the DR7K-TK-1




A small trailer-mounted drilling rig

  A Commercial Auger Rig  

  Trailer-Mounted Rigs
    DeepRock has a full line of trailer-mounted rigs  from

    the smallest, all-hydraulic tophead rig on the market designed for 2" and 4" wells to 200' depth in easier soils and  unconsolidated formations to much larger trailer-mounted rigs.


      Commercial Auger Rigs
    DeepRock manufactures commercial auger rigs for geo-technical applications such as pollution and contamination work, environmental and soil sampling, monitor wells, sink-hole investigation and highway construction..
      Hydra-Drill - Do it Yourself

    Hydra-Drills have been the standard by which all portable drilling rigs has been judged since 1962.


    DeepRock manufactures a full line of Do-it-Yourself  Hydra-Drill water well drilling rigs and a new post-hole auger product, The Ground-Hawg.











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