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1/1/2017 Deeprock HD-55 Pro-Series 2017 model (Specials)

Deeprock HD-55 Pro-Series 2016 model    ...READ MORE (1 photo) »

1/1/2017 Deeprock® EasyGrip Casing Install Plate System

Deeprock® EasyGrip Casing Install Plate System    ...READ MORE (1 photo) »

Deeprock M-60 Upgrade Trailer Rig

1/1/2017 Deeprock M-60 Upgrade Trailer Rig (Specials)

Deeprock m-60 upgrade trailer rig-the #1 Honda 20 hp engine    ...READ MORE (1 photo) »

1/1/2017 Deeprock Ram 10 (Speicals)

Deeprock Ram 10    ...READ MORE (1 photo) »

6/4/2013 The Deeprock ® M-50 Stealth Prepper

Limited Time only!
*FREE Shipping for the lower 48 states only*    ...READ MORE (1 photo) »

2/13/2012 Model M50

It's our "Affordable Portable" and you can see it in action. Don't miss the tips and tricks on mixing driller's mud.
   ...READ MORE (1 photo) »


The DR150 is a drilling rig that employs as much torque and pullback capacity as many larger rigs and can be outfitted with a variety of mud and air systems. It is available in skid, tandem trailer, track, and truck mount versions with deck engine power.

The DR150 featured in this video is outfitted with DeepRock's exclusive OTTO automated drill rod handling system and a swing jib.    ...READ MORE (1 photo) »

3/1/2012 Beacon Hill Funding

Beacon Hill Funding would like the opportunity to help you finance your rig purchases.

   ...READ MORE »

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