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Deeprock Ram 10

Deeprock Ram 10 Deeprock Ram 10 Deeprock Ram 10
Deeprock Ram 10 Ram 10

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from 1/21/2016 until 12/31/2016

The Deeprock® Ram 10 2017 model will drill to 325 ft and up to 8 inch bore hole, it uses 10 ft long 2 3/8 Mayhew drill pipe. It is fully hydraulic and has 4k of Power -Down and up to 10 k of pullback, it uses the Deeprock® 10 k Swivel rated for air or water and can be used with a DTH hammer in solid ROCK. Also, it can set up to be used on a three point hook up on your tractor or set up to be on a Bobcat or Skidsteer. 

This waterwell drilling system will handle it all for years to come. It is only $14,780.00, extra drill pipe is $160.00 each for 10 ft long 2 3/8 Mayhew. Uses Prince® hydraulics, also has casing install plate for setting casing fast and easy. Deeprock® has the most advanced Drill rigs that will provide years of use on your farm or ranch. Deeprock®, the worlds best Waterwell drilling equipment and built in the United States of America.

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