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Deeprock® HD-55 Pro-Series 2022 model Back to All Specials »

from 1/21/2021 until 12/31/2021


It is the Deeprock® HD-55 Pro-Series 2022 model  price [$3910.00] plus shipping $340.00 in lower 48 states. It comes with 100 ft of usa steel 1 1/4 inch drill pipe and also a 6 inch full carbide Blasthole bit. It has the Deeprock® breakout plate for easy pipe removal and also comes with the Deeprock® casing install plate system. It has the Deeprock® xp-7 swivel that is the leader in diy drill rigs and comes with large wheels to easy move it where you need it.

 It will drill 200 ft if needed and has a 6 inch bore hole made of solid steel no wooden or plastic parts. This is a great waterwell drilling rig that will provide many years of use for the rancher, farmer, and mission field around the world. 

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