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DR150 - Shown with Rupe mud pump and "Otto" rod loader

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The DR150 is our most popular large, truck-mounted drill. These machines are in operation all over the world. It has a 10' drill stem and is usually equipped with our piston (Rupe) mud pump. 

As an option, the DR150 can be fitted with a 500 CFM / 200 PSI air compressor for down-the-hole hammer drilling in the hardest rock. We also provide an air ready package to easily attach a portable trailer-mounted air compressor.

As with all of our commercial drills, various carriers are available, including trucks, tracks, or even trailers. 

The most popular accessory is the "Otto" automatic drill stem loader. 


To get a quote for your rig contact Roy Crush / DeepRock®.  You can also reach him by phone to discuss various options for your rig. 




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