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DeepRock Mission Statement

Deeprock Manufacturing provides a wide range of high quality earth drilling equipment, often customized to meet unique requirements, and provides those customers with the best technical support available.

We offer drilling equipment including:

DeepRock Customers

DeepRock Manufacturing prides itself upon not only meeting customer expectations, but exceeding them. While working the DeepRock booth at the National Ground Water Association Expo in New Orleans we were able to talk with many of our customers and hear interesting stories of how they got started with earth drilling.

One man had quite an interesting story indeed. He shared with us that he got started in the earth drilling business with a Hydra-Drill when he was 15 years old. His mother was complaining to him about how much water he used washing cars, so he bought a Hydra-Drill and drilled a well in his backyard to provide a low-cost water source. His neighbor liked what he saw and asked for a well to be drilled in his backyard as well.

Over the next several years, the Hydra-Drill customer drilled over 750 wells using the rig he bought from DeepRock Mfg. Eventually, he purchased a commercial drilling rig and went into the water well drilling business. He now operates three commercial drilling rigs and is giving serious consideration to adding a fourth rig that allow him to move into the geothermal drilling business.

The customer still owns the DeepRock Hydra-Drill that he purchased when he was 15.

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