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Stealth M-50 Prepper

The Deeprock ® M-50 Stealth Prepper $13,990.00 Back to All Specials »

from 1/4/2024 until 12/30/2024

The Deeprock ® M-50 Stealth Prepper. This is the newest Deeprock® 2021  portable technology. Even though this drill is portable and small, it has many features only large trailer Rigs have. The M-50 Stealth uses Full CA-21 tool joint 7ft Drill pipe instead of 5ft like other toy Rigs. CA-21 tool joint drill pipe is same design technology that the oil field uses. Hydraulic Quick connect power unit with USA ( not china) kohler engine, High pressure high torque hydraulic pump for turning bits even in Rock.

M-50 Stealth can be broken down and toted or packed on small ATV ,by hand or even donkey or in remote hard to reach overseas areas. With Zero impact on environment and landscape, this is drill of choice for many people.

The Deeprock ® M-50 Stealth Prepper is simple, but effective. Fully hydraulic for faster drilling with less work on operator. This drill is rated for 300ft maxim. Great for 2" and 4" water wells and also used in DIY geothermal drilling. With the ability to drill faster, this also makes great investment for people who want to get there return on there money in weeks, not years.

Making money Drilling with the M-50 Stealth   .  Many people are Doing  Drilling Rig rentals, with the average Rig rental price of 650.00 per day, and 3 day minim you can pay for this rig in days, not years. Every time a person is born, the need for more water just increased. LIFE is Water.  It is legal to drill on your own Land or land you have leased in 49 of the 50 states. We even have some people in Utah and Arizona that use this M-50 Stealth unit for remote gold and precious mineral exploration. Many Farmers would be glad to trade cattle, tractors or equipment for another water well.

Drill pipe on this drill is oil feild duty CA-21 tool joint drill pipe. With tool joint drill pipe, threads do not fail and also will connect and disconnect fast without cross threading or breakage. Drilling with Real Deeprock Ca-21 drill pipe is the best drill pipe available anywhere in the world.

Uses --- Water wells, Solar wells, Farms, ranches, Prepper hide outs, hunting cabins, DIY geothermal for a/c and heat, Land developers, missionary's , Small track homes that need water, but no access for large truck rigs.  Environmentally sensitive areas where landscape damage is not a option. Will go into small gates and can be used basements also.

Small and able to breakdown means no large shop or garage to store.

Low over head, Runs all day on 3 gallons of fuel or less.. Sense drill is small and can be broken down, no Large truck or large trailer is needed to haul. In fact it can be hauled in small Toyota truck bed or uneven hauled on mini trailer and pulled with import car or mini van.

100% fully hydraulic forward and reverse which means easy to drill and easy to breakout drill pipe. Only 2 hydraulic levers operate entire drilling opreration. With the hydraulic controls, it is faster when drilling and pipe breakout can be done fast also.

Deep Rock Auto Direct Dial ®-- Same design as large oil Field drilling rigs have. With drill string weigh gauge, you know how much drill pipe weight you have, this help you know when pipe is near getting stuck, also if you get a cave in. You can't see down the hole, so this tool lets you know when there is drag, crooked bore hole, or showing you holes need flushing out better.

When drilling the auto Direct dial lets you automatically drill at a constant precise drilling speed which gives you perfect bore hole condition so casing and screen go in easy without problems.

DeepRock® the world leader in portable drillng rigs .  Quailty you can depend on year after year.

Included in drilling package:

1# complete DeepRock ® Stealth M-50 Prepper Water Well Drilling Rig.

2# real carbide Drill bits, one 3 1/2" inch step drag and one 6" carbide step drag.

1# crossover sub adapter to fit bits to drill pipe.

1# 2x2  gas powered 100% kohler mud pump with suctions and discharge hoses and screen.

1# EasyGrip ® pipe  breakout plate.

1# kohler Hydraulic portable power unit with quick connects for easy toting.

1# hands on water well drilling manual.

Free Truck freight shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. Truck freight shipping takes 3 to 6 days, depending on where your location is.

Payment accepted credit cards or check.

Drilling package will ship within 3 to 6 days after payment has been received.

Full 1 year limited warranty .

Life time free drilling tech support . Deeprock has full time Water well Driller on staff,  Our drill trainer has drilled all over the USA and Canada. Also has trained missionary's from around the world.

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