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DR150 RIG - MUST SEE!! Back to All Specials »

from 2/13/2024 until 12/30/2024

The DR150 is a drilling rig that employs as much torque and pullback capacity as many larger rigs  and can be outfitted with a variety of mud and air systems.  It is available in skid, tandem trailer, track, and truck mount versions with deck engine power.

With over 40 years of continuous experience building water well drilling rigs, DeepRock is able to provide each customer with a rig custom tailored to his or her precise needs.

Do you have a new or used truck that you would like to use as a platform for a drilling rig?  DeepRock can do it!

Because many DeepRock rigs have their own power source,  rigs can be mounted to a customer's existing truck at our facility or we can ship the rig in skid form to the customer who can mount the rig to his existing truck or equipment. Complete engineering and technical support is provided by DeepRock.


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