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from 2/13/2024 until 12/30/2024

Our DR100 trailer mounted drill is designed to drill water wells to depths of 300-400 feet. This depends on drilling conditions and diameter of the borehole.


The standard drill is a mud rotary. The DR100 can also be setup to run a DTH air hammer with an auxiliary air compressor. It is offered with gas or diesel engines. When choosing diesel engines to power the drill, the driller has the option of one larger engine or two smaller engines.


Although it uses 10' drill rods, the mast extension can set 20' sections of PVC casing.

The DR100 has our "wrenchless" breakout system that uses the rig's hydraulics to break the connection of the drill pipe to the tophead when tripping out of the borehole. 

Depending on options and accessories, prices of the DR100 will vary.  Assortment of rig options can be found under the Commercial Rig tab. Call David at Deeprock® today for a quote 1-855-457-4469.

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